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As I said I'm a web developer and a bunch of more. Now I'm engaged in a big social network project as junior frontend developer.

I'll try to describe myself with short words.
Here are some things I like: team working, science, everything that makes work fast, Chinese web design, Slack, projects with a real value for life.

My coding style is neat and my code is clean and reusable (thanks BEM). Of course refactorings take place, but they always give more multipurpose and laconic styles and layout.

I have well developed designer skills that allow me to markup cool layout without making any design templates. Sometimes a little discussion or a small Sketch or hand-drawn prototype is enough.
My designer skills doesn't limited with web only, you can order logo, icon set or mobile application graphics.

Every site is made of content. And as you know, user interface is an only a wrapping for it, so every site's goal is to make content easily accessible. I have vast experience in copywriting, article wrighting, working with writers and orginizing their work.

As for team management, I regularly work with freelancers and always hire and test personnel for new projects. I have good experience in setting tasks, checking results and correcting mistakes.

So, when you order website, you order: prototyping, design, team management, coding, testing, filling with unique content and fighting with all remained bugs before release (this part has always existed and will exist forever). As a result you will have perfect site for your business goals.

My skills

Sass, SCSS
UI design
Graphic design (logo, icons, etc.)
Responsive design and markup
command tools, terminal
Collaboration with your team
Project management
Clients relations
HR, communication with freelancers
MODX templating
MODX snippets
Translation (En <-> Ru)
Software localization (En -> Ru)
Copywrighting, blogging (Ru)